Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Angels Among Us

It has been a crazy week... I have been packing for a trip for the past few days, Stephen has been working a lot, which leaves me taking care of both kids all day and night by myself... on top of that Brody is on his 3rd round of antibiotics for an ear infection that wont go away, meaning we are preparing to have tubes put back in his ears when we get back in town... so needless to say I have been a bit frazzled today.

Tonight I was getting the kids ready for bed, which is always tricky by myself because they never want to read the same books and both have their own bedtime routine that is usually fine if there is one parent to each child. Tonight Reagan made it very easy for me because she was very busy "writing" in this blank journal that she had found. After I got Brody to bed and went and found her she proceeded to show me the book that she had just written. Every white page had been scribbled on with green marker. I asked her if she would read it to me and that is where the story starts.

As I am sitting there listening to the book it was like one of those cartoons when there is a little angel and devil on each shoulder. (I feel the need to intreject and say that I dont know that really one was an angel and devil but there were definitely two different sides of me present for this book reading). One side of me was a little annoyed that I had to sit there and listen to every single page of this 150 page journal because I had so much to do, the other side of me was saying to stop and enjoy this moment... it wont be long before she doesnt want me to put her to bed anymore. I am so glad that I made the "annoyed me" poof away because what I experienced with Reagan for the next 20 minutes was pure magic.

She had written an entire book about God and Jesus. A few excerts from the book include:
* We love God from everything to everything.
* God is so special and we love him so much
* God made the whole world and all the trees and the sun and he messed up a little when he made bugs but we still love him.
* Jesus is Gods son
* God is so beautiful to us
* We love Jesus so so much
* God is in our hearts forever

You get the idea. It was sweet and innocent and precious but the best was yet to come. About halfway through the book she stopped and looked at me and said,
"I see God."
"You do?" I said
"He talks to me." she goes on to tell me.
"What does he say?" I asked.
And without missing a beat she looked up at me and said, "You are my angel."

And suddenly everything else in the world didn't matter because that moment was perfect.

I believe God talks to Reagan... and I believe he thinks she is his angel, but I also know that she is mine.

***I realize it has been forever since I posted last and I dont know when I will post again but this was one of those moments that I didnt want to forget... so I had to jot it down!