Monday, November 30, 2009

Super Stud Kidney

Most people dont know this (because I didnt really broadcast it) but when I was 16 weeks pregnant with Brody I had an early ultra-sound that showed several dark spots on his right kidney. I was originally told it was a multi-cystic kidney, which from what little bit I researched about it, can be fatal. I saw a specialist my entire pregnancy, having weekly, sometime bi-weekly ultrasounds to monitor the "spots" on his kidney. I didnt tell very many people because I didnt really want that to be what my pregnancy was about, I just wanted people to be excited to meet Brody, not worried sick like I was for 9 months. I was hopeful, but there was always a part of me that worried... worried that I had done something to cause this problem, worried that my baby was sick and may never have a "normal" life, worried that he might be taken from me to soon.

Then Brody was born and we could get more answers. They wouldnt be doing an ultra-sound through me to get to him anymore (which still blows my mind that they could do that) but they could just do the u/s on him directly which would tell us so much more. At 3 weeks old I took my brand new baby to Scottish Rite to have a gammet of tests run. He has several ultra-sounds, had radioactive dye injected into him for another test and had to be strapped down to a machine for an hour for another. It was awful to watch but well worth it once we got the results.

Brody simply had an underdeveloped right kidney. The black spot on the ultra-sound was just that, a blob, the top part of the kidney that never formed. The cool thing is that when a baby is developing in the womb and something happens like one kidney not fully developing, the other kidney actually compensates for it. So Brody has a "super" kidney on the left side. If he were to lose part of his kidney later in life, the other kidney wouldnt do that, but because it happened while he was developing, the left kidney stepped up to the plate. =)

Since that testing at 3 weeks he has been back 4 more times to have a renal bladder ultra-sound to monitor it and make sure nothing has changed. The most recent one being today. Today I was told that Brody has almost 100% kidney function. The only difference is that our kidneys function at about 50/50. Fifty percent right and fifty percent left. Brody's funstion at 1/3 (right) and 2/3 (left super stud kidney). Regardless the kidneys are doing there job and functioning just as good as anyone elses.

The best news of the day.... we dont have to go back until he is five!!!!

He wasn't really a fan of the visit today... poor little guy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yes... thats right. We have MICE and I am so beyone freaked out about it that I cant even begin to explain it. It started with one, which Stephen and I double-teamed and got out of the house but I have since seen 2 more (one of which is under a plastic bin in my master bathroom with like 8 books on top of it waiting for the rodent man to come and get it. I have learned that I can do many a thing (bugs, spiders, frogs even lizards) but I CANNOT do mice. I think I have a serious phobia of these things. I have done everything I could today to avoid coming home but alas, I couldnt stay gone forever. The rodent man should be here any minute and I will spend whatever amount of money I have to to get rid of them... its cheaper than moving right? Looks like Reagan might be getting that cat she wanted for christmas after all.

Monday, November 23, 2009

To My Husband

I have come to the realization that after 6 years of marriage (and having a daughter that is just like me for 3 years).... I can, at times, be very difficult to live with. I am moody and I get upset when things dont go my way (among other things). This is my public apology for being such a crazy woman for the majority of our marriage =) I love you babe!!!!
** To my defense... I have always been this was so he knew what he was getting himself into before he even married me. Not to mention his weird things. I guess you could just say we both have personality.

Christmas Cards

I know you are few and far between but if you read my blog and would like a christmas card (if you got one last year then you are already on my list) email me at There will be no long winded newsletter bragging about all our accomplishments this year, there will probably not even be a handwritten note, but they are cute and you can see cute pictures of the family so let me know!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Paint without splatter

Reagan: "Mommy when I grow up I am going to be a teacher."
Me: "I think you will be a great teacher. What do you want to teach"
Reagan: "I am going to teach kids how to paint and not splatter."

Many a mothers will be so happy that Reagan taught their children to "paint and not splatter" oneday!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We had a fabulous halloween and I have TONS of pictures but I know I have a few family members that are waiting to see pictures of the kids in their costumes... so here are a few to tide them over until I can get to posting about the events of the whole weekend. We spent the weekend in Charlotte because Stephen was gone at the GA/FL game. Thanks mom for having us... it was a blast.

Reagan wins the award for most original costume (I didnt see any other cupcakes that night) and in case you were wondering... she picked that out all by herself. She said she wanted to be a cupcake and so I searched the world over for a cupcake costume... to the tune of $70... but I found one. Brody went for comfort this year (or rather, I knew he wasnt going to wear anything with a hat or hood or anything that was uncomfortable so his costume was actually pajamas from Gymboree).

I was a cowgirl/farmer girl type person. I didnt want to be anything to cool because I was affraid that Reagan would change her mind and want to be what I was being so I went for easy. Reagan loved trick or treating. She would have gone longer except that her bag got full after about an hour and a half. Brody only went to about 5 houses and sat in the wagon the whole time because it was raining at the start of the night. My mom took him home and put him to bed for me... thanks again mom for all your help that weekend.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Brody's 18 Month Stats

Brody had his 18 month check up a few weeks ago and here are his stats
Weight: 27lbs 3oz 68%
Height: 34inches 90%

He is a happy healthy baby which is great news considering the rocky start he had in life... I knew he was going to be a tough little guy from the day he was born... and could he be any dang cuter!!!!

Reagan's Halloween Party

This year I was in charge or the "Fall" party with two other moms in Reagans class. We had some fun activities for the kids to do and I really think the kids had a great time. Per Reagans request we decorated sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles which was messy but the kids loved it. We also made macaroni necklaces with fall colored macaroni. We also did a little pin the leaf on the tree game where each child had a leaf with their name on it.
We had to be a little creative because it couldnt be a "Halloween" party so no pumpkins with faces or anything like that. I understand why they do it but honestly it's a little rediculous if you ask me. I think all the kids got the concept anyhow. It was a great day and I cant wait to help out with more in the future.
Each child got a little pumpkin that I wrote their names on and glued a little bow. They were really cute and I wish I had taken a picture of all of them together.

Reagan was having lunch when I got there.

Reagan and a few of her friends in her class.

The sprinkles.... it was MESSY but the kids had a blast with it. I guess if you want to know what 3 year olds want to do, you ask a 3 year old.

More cookie decorating

It's always fun to go to her school and participate in things. Thanks Erin for watching Brody for me so I could give Reagan my undivided attention.