Saturday, October 25, 2008

There's a dinasour in my house

Not really...its just Brody but I couldn't resist this adorable hat!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

There is Hope

Its no doubt that my kids were born looking just like their daddy (Reagan especially) but the last few times my mom has come to visit she keeps telling me that Reagan reminds her a lot of me at that age. So I went digging and found this old picture (the top one) and thought I could see what my mom might be talking about. Not exactly the same but there are more similarities than I thought. Then there is Brody... he didnt come out looking as much like Stephen as Reagan did but he didnt look just like me either so we werent sure who he was going to look like. Recently though people have been saying that he looks like Stephen so I figured once again I would have another child that doesnt look a thing like me. Even complete strangers at the grocery store will look at Reagan and say "She must look like her daddy because she doesnt look a thing like you." Sure...rub salt in the wound a little more. Dont get me wrong, I think Stephen is a good looking man its just that I had a part in making them too and with the way everyone acts you would think I didnt. I guess I will just keep hanging onto the hope that oneday, one of them might look a little like me. =) The top one is Brody (obviously) at3 1/2 months and the bottom one is me (I am not sure how old I was...maybe a few months.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Six Months

I cannot believe that my little man is 6 months old today. The time has gone by so fast. It seems like such a short time ago that he was still in my tummy and now he is sitting up and rolling over, he has two teeth and is cutting four more and I am sure before I know it he will be crawling. He is a big boy...weighing almost 20lbs he certainly has the makings of a football player (wont Stephen be proud). He is eating 3 meals a day of solid food and is quickly loesing interest in his bottle. He likes all fruit and most vegatables that arent green. Peas and green beans did not go over so well. He is starting to like cheerios and small things that he can gum down. He hates a paci but loves his blanket. His motor skills are really improving and he is really grabbing onto everything he can get his hands on...his favorite being hair. =) He loves his exersaucer and runs laps around it (it is one of the ones that has wheels and a seat attached and he can move 360 degrees around this little activity table). He is happy ALL the time. He has such a relaxed disposition (that must come from his daddy), he just goes with the flow of things. He likes being outside and swinging. He loves to watch Reagan do anything and she adores him. He loves attention from anyone who will give it to him...he smiles at strangers in the store if they talk to him. He is not a snuggly baby...he puts himself to sleep, doesnt really like to be rocked except on a rare occasion in which I take full advantage of and snuggle him long after he has fallen asleep.
He is such a sweet baby and we are so blessed to have him as part of our family. God has truly blessed our family and not one day goes by that I dont look at both my children and realize how lucky I am. I love being a mom...its what I always wanted to be. It is my dream job and allthough it isnt very glamorous it is so rewarding and I wouldnt change it for anything.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An Obsession is an Understatement

I must begin this post by telling you that Reagan is a woman who knows what she wants...there is no changing her mind once it is made up. She comes by it honestly but a perfect example of this was a trip to the toystore. I will let Reagan look at the toys in Target or Walmart after I have gotten the things that I need and if she was well-behaved. Sometimes I let her get something but she always gets to look. (Hey... it kills time out of the day and lets me know what she is interested in at the time). Stephen, however, is a huge sucker at the toystore. This particular trip that I am about talk about was at the request of Reagan to Stephen (she looked right at him and said "Toystore?" and therefore she basically gets whatever she wants because well... like I have said before, he cant say no to her. When we walked in she did her usual routine of walking around, showing us stuff, looking at a little of everything. Then she goes over and plays in the little Powerwheels cars and looks at the bikes (I sad that she has a routine at the toystore). She walks by all the kitchens and up and down all the aisles of little girl toys and after what seems like forever she get to the baby aisle. Its all over from there. There is no convincing her to go to any other aisle at that point. She wants to hold them all, touch them all, kiss them and then she wants to buy one. It doesnt matter that she has a ton at home, she wants a new one. She carefully picks one, I have tried to get her to like a cuter one or one that does something like cry or wet its diaper but is always the one she wants and that is it. And so without further is a very picture-heavy look at this obsession that Reagan has.

Here is Reagan with all (or most of ) her babies. She doesnt normally lay them all out like this, they are usually scattered all over the house but for the sake of this blog entry I gathered them all together for a "family picture"
These are ones that cost $2 at Target and for some reason we have ended up with multiples of all of them. For some reason she likes to take off all their clothes so they are usually naked.

This is Reagans very first baby. I bought it for her when we found out I was pregnant with Brody to help teach her about babies. It is pretty ratty and dirty but I think it is still her favorite
This is Reagan feeding her baby...whenever I feed Brody she has to get a baby and feed hers. She always get a blanket to ley them on b/c she has seen me do that with Brody's birp cloths.

This is her Bitty Baby that my mom gave her for her birthday. I like this one because it is an American Girl doll and I had this same doll as a child. It also has a ton of really cute stuff that you can buy for it (not that Reagan cares about any of that but I can live vicariously through her right)

These are the babies that make noises. They giggle and cry and the one on the right even moves its arms. A little creepy if you ask me.
These are her twin babies that usually acompany her to bed, They are soft and the best part about them...they can go in the washing machine.
These babies fill up with water so they "feel like real babies." Who knows where their clothes are but they typically go in the bathtub with her. Again they are naked (she has just started doing this lately, I dont know if its because she is learning how to take off and put on clothes) but I hate when we go to the store and she wants to bring a baby with no clothes. =)
This weird looking baby is her favorite baby to feed because the bottles actually fit in her mouth.
And how do we feed all these babies you ask?

With all of these bottles of course. =)

I know, I know, its a little out of control around here with the babies but she loves them and I love that she already has a little of that maternal instinct. The funny thing about all these babies...they dont have names. They are all just "baby". So imagine the problems we run into when I load her into the car and she say "I want baby please."

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Last year we started a tradition of going to Burts Pumkin Patch to get our pumpkins. It is a drive from our house but it is so cool! I have never seen so many pumpkins in so many sizes. They have pumpkins that were bigger than Reagan. She ran all over the place and thought the "big pumpkins" as she kept saying, were really cool. We let her pick the pumpkins, one that was the daddy pumpkin (which happens to be one of the huge ones) one is the mommy pumpkin and then there is a Reagee pumpkin and a Body pumpkin. And then we had to get several little baby pumpkins (the ones that fit in the palm of your hand). It was fun to spend time together and watch Reagan really start to understand and experience the holidays. Now I am just going to have to figure out who I can get to clean out that massive pumpkin before we carve it.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Back to school

For those of you that have read my previous entries about Reagan starting preschool, you will know we had a bit or a rough start so we decided to give this school thing one more shot and found a school that seemed like it might be a better fit for Reagan. She started on Thursday and much to my surprise things went very well. I shouldn't be so surprised... I know Reagan is not the hellion that the previous school had made her out to be but I was affraid she had been so totally turned off by the whole "school" experience and would just be pissed at me that I stuck her back in an unfamiliar situation.

I walked her into her class instead of using the carpool line. At the first school I thought the carpool thing was better because they had pulled her out of the car before she realized what was going on and so she never really cried for me. The drawback of that was that she saw me drive away in the car and so she knew I was really gone, not just somewhere else in the building. So I walked her in thinking that she might do better to think I was in the bulding just not in the room with her (after all that is the way it is when we leave her at church). She was a little upset when I walked out but when I picked her up that afternoon she was happy as could be and her teacher said she did great. Her first day there the firemen and firetruck came and she came home with a plastic firehat that she kept putting on Brody(doesnt he make a cute fireman). She kept saying "fire tuk" when I asked her what she saw. Today went just as well so maybe it wasnt Reagan...which makes me wonder what was going on at her previous school????

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Babies in blue jeans

There is something about a baby in blue jeans that makes them look so grown up. Even when Reagan puts on her little Gap jeans with the adjustable waist she look so much older than 2. Well today Brody wore his first little pair of Old Navy jeans. I never put them on him when he was really little because they seemed so uncomfortable for little babies. I know you cant see them that well in this picture but he looked so big in them. I mean he is a big 5 months he is aready 18 lbs and wearing a 6-12 month pair of jeans but I just cant get over how fast they grow up. He just cut two teeth (yes two in the same day) and he is sitting up like a pro now. It really makes me realize how much I cherish those few extra minutes rocking them to sleep or saying "screw the dishes tonight" so that I can play with my kids a little longer before bed or how great the opportunity is to stay at home with my kids is and to watch them grow up... because they do it so fast and before I know it they will be ALL GROWN UP. ( I am going to go look at baby pictures and cry now =)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Shoe Dilema

First let me start off by showing you Reagans shoes...this isnt all of... them we are missing a few colors. Notice any similarities? They are ALL CROCS!!!! With the exception of one white pair of sandals to wear to church this is ALL Reagan will wear. I mean the whole reason I lost her at Kohls last week (see previous post) was becasue I was trying to find her some new shoes. I even sent her to the mall with Stephen this weekend to find some little Nikes and Stephen showed her like 8 pairs and asked her if she liked them. "No like" she says, and then takes his hand and takes him over to the section of Crocs. She has other shoes, she just wont wear them and while these Crocs are as cute as can be on her they arent going to cut it this winter.
Fast forward to today when Reagan found these in her closet. A pink pair of cowgirl boots that my mom mad bought when Reagan was like 3 months old. I have been waiting for them to fit her because I think they are just to cute. She admired them for a few minutes and much to my surprise she wanted to put them on. So I put her little feet in them (they were just the right size) and this was the reaction I got....
Needless to say she wont be letting me put these on her anytime soon. She quickly grabbed these from her closet and put them on for the rest of the afternoon. Gee those cute shoes always make your feet sore...even if you only wear them for um 2 minutes.
I mean I cant blame the kid...I am not a shoe person myself. I like flip-flops and then in the winter I wear my Nikes. I can admire a good shoe but I have flinstone feet..they never fit in any of those cute shoes. And who wears heels all day to roll around the floor and play with kids. Not me... most of the time I dont even have shoes on (which would be why I love flip-flops so much). I am sure if Crocs had been around when I was a kid I would have only wanted to wear them too. I guess I will have to hide them come winter time.