Monday, August 31, 2009

Multi-Use Kiddie Pool

This is the first time I have ever posted a video so I was really just trying it out. I have no idea why it is in black and white but this is what we did today to passsome time on a rainy day. In the summer its a kiddie-pool, and when it starts getting cooler it's a ball pit. Enjoy.

Reagan's First Dentist Appt

Let me first just say that I was DREADING this day. I had put off making an appointment for a while, especially since brushing her teeth before bed has become somewhat of a battle, but finally had to bite the bullett and do it. Stephens mom watched Brody for me so that I could focus on Reagan not tearing up the entire dentists office- (Thanks Bonnie). Reagan definitely proved me wrong this time. She did so good. There were a few moments that could have gotten ugly but the hygenist was great and told me that they want to make going to the dentist a positive experience so they wouldn't "force" her to do anything. She did ok with the first two sets of X-rays but wouldnt do anymore after that but other than that she let them do everything else. The dentist said everything looked good and to keep doing what we are doing.
Good Job Reagan!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I learned something about Reagan today....

... apparently she has developed a very serious fear of thunder, so much so, that she woke up from her nap screaming covering her ears... so we improvised a little.
It worked wonders.


Today while Reagan was in school I took Brody to his first Gymboree class. I had done these classes with Reagan when she was about Brody's age and knew I wanted to do them with Brody but its never just the two of us... until now. I figured this would be the perfect time to start since Reagan is in school and and it just me and him. HE LOVED IT!!!! He had a blast. He was climbing all over the place and dancing and really trying to interact with the other kids. Normally Brody's interaction with other kids is with Reagans friends so it was nice to see him try and interact with kids his OWN age. I have to say that while I miss Reagan like crazy while she is at school, it has been really nice to spend this one-on-one time with Brody. I can tell he likes the individualized attention every once in a while. Needless to say we signed up for classes every Thursday... it will be fun!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tucked away in my moms attic is a small box containing a few of my "favorite" things to wear as a child. I probably will never put them on Reagan because while they were beautiful dresses back when I was a kid... they arent exactly the style of dresses that I care for as an adult. But one thing my mom did save was a red cowgirl costume. I wore it for my 3rd Halloween. At a visit to my moms house she pulled it out. The elastic was shot but other than that it was just like new. We (meaning my mom or grandma, I cant remember which one) fixed the elastic and here we are... more than 25 years later and Reagan is wearing the exact same cowgirl costume. Pretty cool huh?
Me: Halloween 1985
Reagan: 2009

Who wore it best?

or Brody?
He's going to kill me for this oneday....
(so is his daddy)


Brody really needs a haircut, but while I am trying to find time to get to the barber he is sporting the phohawk... I think its pretty darn cute!

Blog Facelift

Some of you may have notice my new and improved blog. I owe it all to a sweet girl named Camille. I was looking through blogs I read from time to time and was quite surprised when I clicked on an old friends family blog and it was SO CUTE. Not that it wasnt cute before (with kiddos like theirs how could it not be cute)... but I set out on a mission. I wanted my blog to be cute too. So thankfully Janelle had put a link on her blog telling anyone that wanted to know who "spiced up her blog" so of course I emailed her. It was super easy and really inexpensive (for anyone that knows me well you know I dont do computers very well so it was well worth the money for me to pay someone to do it... if I had tried this it would have been a disaster.) So for anyone that wants to "spice up their blog" go to the bottom of my sidebar and click on the link to
Camille's sight. She is talented and fast. Thanks again Camille for making my blog pretty =) and thanks David and Janelle for sharing her with everyone!!!! I love my new blog.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A sigh of relief

Today after Reagan got home from school and I was feeling really discouraged I decided to email her teachers. I just wanted to let her teacher know that we dont allow that kind of behavior at home and that I was sorry if she was making a horroble first impression. I didnt want them thinking that I let her get away with things like hitting and back talking. I also made the comment that I hated that their first impression of her was this hostile little girl. Then tonight at about 8:30 the heavens opened up and Ms. Mandy called me =)
She assured me that they did not think Reagan was a bad little girl and that she was not the only one having some issues. She told me that Reagan was a sweet little girl and that she interacted well with the other kids... she could tell that Reagan wasnt being mean she just was a little rougher than some of the other kids (which is something I figured but didnt want to sound like the mom that thinks my child never does anything wrong). I talked to her for about 30 minutes and everything she said made me feel so much better.
I am no longer having a bad feeling about how this first week of school went. Obviously I dont want Reagan doing some of the things she did but to know that her teachers aren't dreading having my child walk through the door very morning made me feel a lot better. Thanks Ms. Mandy for assuring that I havent failed as a parent because my child didnt behave perfectly the first week at a new school (seriously what is wrong with me... why do I beat myself up like this....)

Preschool update: Day 3

Lets just say that today wasnt any better... in fact I would say it was worse. Today not only did she hit (where is this hostile attitude coming from) she pinched someone and told her teacher "NO" I would say we have our work cut out for us..... god help us all.

Preschool update: Day 2

Well the true Reagan I know and love returned at school yesterday. She hit another girl in her class with a toy. (ETA: I dont love her because she hit another kid I just meant the first day was very out of character for her... she tends to be the troublemaker.) WHY oh WHY does my child insist on being so rough with other children? When I asked her why she hit that little girl her response was "because I wanted to". I dont even know how to respond to that. I know she is just three but I feel like when she does stuff like that its a reflection on me and my parenting. I feel like her teachers are looking at her and thinking about how her mom lets her get away with all kinds of stuff at home and thats not the case. I know she is not the only kid in her class that is having problems (at least I hope she's not) but I always feel like she is. I feel like all the other kids are well behaved and listen perfectly and then there is my wild, free spirited child running amuck all over the classroom. I guess I am just feeling a little defeated with Reagan right now... whenever I find something that I think works, it doesnt work the next time. She is totally me at that age and you know what they say...
pay backs a b!#@%
I would like to take this moment to publically say...
I'm sorry mom and dad =)

Mr. Independent

Brody has become quite independent lately. He is really wanting to do things by himself and becoming more vocal about what he wants. He really like feeding himself with his fork or spoon and wants nothing to do with my help.
The result: A big mess and a very happy Brody.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of School

Today was Reagan first day back at preschool. This year I made the difficult decision to put her in a new school. The school last year was good for her first year but I really felt this new school was going to be a better fit for her, not to mention that they offer private kindergarten, which is something I am seriously considering. It is a little bit farther away but well worth the drive if it lives up to its potential. She eats lunch while she is there as well so with bookbag and lunchbox in tow we left for her first day of school.

I was a little bit nervous because everytime I said something about school she would say "I dont want to go to school" but Stephen and I just kept being positive about it and eventually it wore off on her. By last night she was excited about going to school today. I dropped her off this morning with no tears (which always makes it easier on me). Brody and I came home to a rather quiet house. Brody still takes a morning nap so he went down shortly after we got home and I got all kinds of things done... the whole time Reagan was not far from my mind. Was she being nice to the other kids? Was she being respectful to her teacher? Was she listening well? Was I going to get a note home the first day telling me she was to wild? (that happened last year)

Fast forward 4 hours and I picked her up... in one piece... with a STAR STAMP on her hand for good behavior. She had a huge smile on her face when I saw her and the whole way home she talked about circle time and the letter "S" and coloring a skunk (for the letter "S") playing on the playground, having a cupcake at lunch ( I think it was someone in her classes birthday) and something about going to a classroom upstairs and spinning around (I think that was music class but I am not 100% sure). Tomorrow is show-n-tell (the letter "S") She decided to take Spin-art (you know those things that you put the paper on and it spins around really fast and you drop paint on it ant it splatters... she LOVES that toy.)

All in all it seemed like a good day. Tonight she told me " Mommy I pushed at my old school (which is totally true) but I am a nice girl at my new school" Crazy kid... I know it was just the first day and I am sure she will have her fair share of days that arent good but for today, it couldnt have gone any better.... and the best part, she is excited to go back tomorrow!!!!

Monkey Joes

We have been going to Monkey Joes since Reagan was really little. She loves jumping on all the inflatables and its a huge open floor plan where she can just run all over the place. Now that Brody is running around he is finally starting to enjoy it too. They both wear themselves out and take great naps after we get home.

Brody enjoyed the video games for the first half of the trip...
no money needed, just buttons to push.
Reagan will go on all the inflatables... even the big huge slides...
she scales them in a matter of seconds.

So much fun!!!!

Brody finally figured out how to manuver in the small inflatable and really started to enjoy himself. He went up and down the slide for like 15 minutes straight.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Georgia Aquarium

Today we made the drive downtown with my friend Susan and her little girl Averi to the Georgia Aquarium. We had been earlier this year but Reagan wasnt all that interested. This time she really got into it and was all about looking and touching anything and everything. Brody was his usual easy self and hung out in the stroller most of the time. He kept pointing up whenever he would see a big aquarium full of fish and saying ffffshshsh (think fish in baby talk). I think Reagans favorites were the Baluga whales and the Sea otters. We had lots of fun and the kids were worn out when it was over. They didnt even make it home before they zonked out in the car.

Reagan and her little friend Averi
Reagan not looking to sure about the aligator behind her

The baluga whales... Reagan remembered these from Sea World

Jellyfish- and NO this picture isnt upside down all the jellyfish just happen to be that way.

Reagan and Brody in one of the observation rooms where the ceiling above you is all fish tank

Reagan and Averi in an observation bubble... it was kind of freaky because the bubble was a lot deeper than it looked and reagan kept climbimg up it and she looked like she was going to fall in the tank.


I took Reagan and Brody to the doctor last week for check ups. Reagan's was obviously her 3 year check up but for some reason I kept saying it was Brody's one year check up... Brody is 16 months old. How did I get so far behind... what kind of mother am I for not taking my child for his one year check up until he was 16 months old. Stephen and my sister-in-law both asked me why I was just now having his one year check up... I was puzzled. I knew we were a month behind on all his check ups because of the time he spent in the NICU but for the life of me I couldnt figure out where I had screwed up.

The it dawned on me... his peiatrician just started doing a 15 month check up. I was not behind, I was right on schedule. I had not failed my child, I was simply folowing procedure.... whew... now I can rest easy tonight knowing that my child is not scarred because I couldnt keep his doctors visits on schedule. =)

Wt: 35lbs (86%)
Ht: 38 3/4 inches (85%)
She had one shot to get, which she did not like and other than that she is in great health. This was the first time since she was born she was not in the 90th percentile in everything.

Ht: 33 inches (91%)
Wt: 26lbs 12 oz (76%)
He had to get 3 shots and is healthy as a horse. Growing good, eating good, right on track where we are supposed to be.

I am so thankful to have two healthy children. We are truly blessed.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear Reagan-
I know I am smaller than you right now but you better be a little nicer to me because it wont be long and I will be bigger than you.... then this scratch might be on your face instead.

P.S. Even though you told mom you were just trying to give me a hug, I dont believe you.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Full Circle

I have been going to my grandma's house since I can remember... its a magical place for me... filled with so many memories. We spent every summer there when I was a child. It's amazing the treasures she has hidden away in little tea kettles and mason jars. It's a place that I had always hoped to take my children to. Now that I am grown and married, with children of my own... its a little bit emotional for me to take my children to that magical place. It's kind of funny but it still seemed just as magical this time around.
Not a lot has changed, which I think is why the memories are so vivid as you walk through her house. The same little stuffed mouse hangs in her kitchen that was there when I was six, the same blue carpet runs through her house and we still use the same worn bath towels that were there so many years ago. We still drink out of the same glasses and eat our favorite things that my grandma makes (which happens to be a lot of the same things she made for us as kids). I found myself sneaking to her pantry at night to search for what kind of goodies she had stashed away, something I know I did all the time as a child there.
This summer I taught Reagan to swim in her pool, the same pool I learned to swim in. We caught lizards in her back yard (well Megan did) and practically lived in our bathing suits. It was a little piece of heaven for a week. My kids didnt want to come home... neither did I but at some point all good things must come to an end.
It was so fun to show my kids her house, to be there with her and have my kids come to know one of the greatest women I have ever known in my life. And while most things in life change.....
grandmas house will always stay the same.

Brody and my grandma really bonded the day we went to Sea World. He stayed with her and she played and played until they couldnt play anymore. This was only the 3rd time she has seen Brody but they made great friends.
Reagan nicknamed my grandma "Manny" and I think she thought "Manny" hung the moon.

I dont know why I brought my kids toys to play with...they didn't come out of the car with all the fun things to find at my grandmas. These elephants were a huge hit!

Again, who needs pool toys when you have the pool filter lid.
Eating lunch by the pool.

One of the many lizards we (meaning my mom or Megan) caught.

Megan with her lizard friend.
Nap time was adult pool time, we layed out and goofed off about silly stuff. We were just missing Ryan... him and Brindi couldn't make it.

Love you and miss you grandma!!!!
or Manny as Reagan would say.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sea World

The day after we got to my grandmas house from Orlando, we turned around and made the trip back to orlando to go to Sea world with the whole gang. My grandma kept Brody for me since he really wouldnt have enjoyed it (sitting still for any amount of time is not really his thing). It was great although I must say not as magical as I remember it as a child. I know a few things have happened in the past 10 years or so that has changed the way they do the show but when I was a kid you could walk up to the tank before the show started and Shamu was swimming all around and you could really get a feel for just how biig he was. You cant do that anymore. The did however add a whole kids section on that ended up being the kids favorite part.

All of us at the Shamu show (minus my mom and Don)

This was inside the polar bear exibit. Reagan was so excited to see polar bears but when we went inside it was really dark and kind of cave-like and she got scared and Steohen took her out.

Damian being a polar bear

Outside the polar bear exhibit

My mom and Don. We were giving my mom a hard time all day because she was in charge of the "clipboard of fun" meaning she got us to all the shows on time and kept us on track. She also moves at the spead of light so we had to have an "intervention" as my step-dad called it and tell her to slow down... not many people move at her pace. Regardless she was super helpful to have you mom.

At the dolphin feeding

Damian trying to jump in the tank... he seriously wanted to know all day why he couldnt get in the water with all the animals like the trainers.

Reagan really liked the dolphins... I think that was her favorite part of the whole day.
This was the really cool kids area. It was huge. I made the mistake of wearing a dress because I thought it would keep me cooler but ended up having to switch clothes with my mom because people were sitting at tables under the big structure and could TOTALLY see up my dress. Mybad... I will know better next time.

Don and Steve lucked out because they were to big to climb through all the tunnels so they got to relax while Megan and I chased our kids through a ropes course.

This is the little Shamu roller coaster we road several time.

Me and Reagan in the ropes... see why I couldnt wear a dress.

At the top

Megan and Damian

REagan towards the end of the day. It was really hot so I put her pigtails up in little buns to keep the hair off her neck.

This was the last ride at the end of the day... we were so exhausted if you cant tell.

Riding the crab... there were about 7 little rides that were in the kids area that REagan and Damian were both tall enough to go on. It was really fun for them. They also had a water area that we put them in their swimsuits and let them play for a while to cool off.

It was really fun for me to take Reagan to Sea World because we went there a lot when I was a kid. The day started out a little rough (on the way there I realized that the backpack that i had packed the night before filled with her bathing suit, snacks, juice boxes, a change of clothes, and MY CAMERA got left back at my grandmas house so we made a slight detour to Target to pick up a few things and we were back on our way) All in all it was a great day... Reagan is still talking about the "scary polar bear cave."

Lowry Park Zoo

One of the last days we were in Florida we went to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Fl. It is actually one of the top 10 zoos in the U.S. (I saw an article in Parents Magazine... I didn't just make something like that up =) It's really nice because the habitats are really close up so you can really see the animals and they have lots of things to do for kids. We had a lot of fun despite the 100 degree weather.

Megan and Damian: Damian ended up not feling that well that day and we ended up leaving a little early because he was running a fever... poor little guy.

Me and my mom

Reagan checking out the owl. This kind of creepy old Santa Clause type man was driving around on a Hover Round Scooter with this owl on his arm... a little weird but whatever I guess.
The bird feeding room.... this is one of the coolest parts of the whole zoo.... you buy these little cups of nector and you walk into the bird are and birds come and jump on you arms and head to drink the nector. It is really cool when you get lots of birds on you at once.

Stephen and Brody

Megan and Damian

My step-dad Don

Reagan was the only child that wasnt sleeping when we got to the kids area. They had lots of rides for kids including a roller coaster that Reagan made me go on like 15 times. She also like the carousel with lots of animal choices.

Brody woke up in just enough time to take a ride on the horse.

Activities like this are always a little hectic and never go exactly how you planned them in your mind but at the end of the day when all is said and done it is so worth all the hassle that goes into all of it. We are creating memories with our children that will last forever... because God knows I take enough pictures =)