Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lessons from daddy

Reagan is sitting on my lap and I feel a little rumble on my leg.
Me: "Reagan did you toot?"
Reagan: "No... I fart."
Enough said.....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Not So Happy Halloween

We were all set for Halloween... I had ordered the kids cute little pumpkins with their names embroidered on them... our costumes were set (Brody: a Monkey, Reagan: a Ladybug or a UGA cheerleader, whichever she felt like the night of and Mommy: a kitty cat) I had been working with Reagan to say Trick or Treat...everything was in place, except on thing... Reagan wasnt having ANY of it.

We had gone to Charlotte to spend Halloween with my mom sister and nephew because Stephen was headed down to the GA/FL game with my step-dad. Megan and I were so excited the kids would get to spend halloween together this year. Well somewhere between Monkey Joes in the morning and the park in the afternoon Reagan got in a funk and woke up from her nap in a awful mood. She normally wakes up happy but of all days to wake up grumpy...
She was not interested in putting on her costume at all...either one (she was originally going to be a cheerleader but she found her Ladybug costume from last year in the halloween box and had been wearing it constantly since so I decided to take both and let her choose that night. Her choice: nothing at all...not even her clothes, she was running around in her diaper pitching a fit about anything and everything. So... I left her at the house with my mom, whose patience with her was much better than mine, and took Brody out in his ADORABLE monkey costume. We just went to a few houses mostly to just show him off a little. When I came home Reagan was in a great mood but still not interested in putting on her costume or going Trick or Treating... she was helping my mom hand out candy and that was perfectly fine with her.
Good thing I didnt have to high of expectations for this Hallowen huh?