Sunday, February 21, 2010

Congrats are in order!

Megan, my little sister, just got engaged last weekend! He is a great guy and I am so excited for them. Now it's time to plan a wedding =)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Magic Kingdom

Well I kept thinking that I would get around to uploading a lot more pictures from Magic Kingdom but every time I turn around something else comes up and I am busy with a million things. It doesnt appear that it's letting up any time soon but I will try and blog as much as I can. Here are a few pictures from Magic Kingdom. It was a little colder than I had hoped in the morning but it warmed up as the day went on. We had lunch with the princesses and I will post pictures of that another time. We had a fun time, although I think we were a little bit spoiled by our first trip because the first time we went the kids were so well behaved that it made it seem like they were a little more cranky this time. Neither of them wanted to ride in the stroller so we ended up pushing around our snack-bag all day. The kids lasted longer this time but it was till only until about 4:00. All in all it was a fun day but I think we will wait a while before we go back.

Reagan and Daddy on Dumbo

Brody on Dumbo (well actually it's the the one they have sitting out specifically for pictures but same difference)

This kind of sums up how they felt that day =)

Reagan LOVED Minnie's house. We had to walk through it 3 times. Do you think it could have been all the pink?

All of us with Mickey and Minnie (the lines to see character were so much shorter this time around so it was really nice. We didnt even see Mickey and Minnie at Magic Kingdom this past summe because it was like a 2 hour wait)

Brody on a random play area for kids.

Leaving the park (Reagan was passed out in the stroller)

Monday, February 15, 2010

St. Augustine / Alligator Farm

Stephens grandparents live close to St. Augustine so while we were in Florida we decided to go meet them for lunch one day. After lunch (my kids were being kind of wild so I didn't manage to take any pictures) we stopped at an Alligator Farm. I wasn't really sure what to expect but the kids had a fun time and we practically had the whole park to ourselves. There were mostly alligators, crocodiles and exotic birds and stuff. We got there just in time for a feeding (which was totally disgusting). We stayed for a few hours and then got home just in time for dinner and bedtime. It was great to see Stephens grandparents and cousin and eat at the yummy Colombian restaurant.

When Reagan rounded the corner and saw this sitting there she jumped back pretty far. She thought it was real at first. =)

Brody thought the alligator was pretty cool and we had a hard time getting him away from it.

Stephen, Brody, Paw Paw Ray and Reagan after lunch in St. Augustine. We were going to take a ride on a horse drawn carriage around the town until we realized that Brody wanted to ride the horse and not in the carriage. It was pretty cold that day but Reagan insisted on wearing a dress. I made her change before we went into the gator farm.


At Downtown Disney there is this really great restraunt called T-Rex. It has all these huge dinosaurs all over it and they move and growl. The whole thing is decorated with like big rocks and caves. If you have ever been to The Rainforest Cafe its a lot like that except for dinosaur oriented. The kids really liked it. Brody was especially enamered with the HUGE dinosaurs.

They had this little area for kids that had big dinosaur bone hidden in this rocky sand and the kids could use a paint brush and pretend to be archeologist's and brush away the sand to find different parts of the bones.

I think this was the kids faorite part... that and they had a Build-A-Dinosaur (its like Build-A-Bear) except with dinosaurs and both the kids built a dinosaur and thought it was pretty cool!

Reagan and Brody outside in the kids play area.

Me and Reagan

Brody and Stephen- Brody wasn't so sure about when the dinosaurs started moving and growling. He really liked touching them as long as they weren't moving.

One of the dinosaurs near our table

Another dinosaur near our table.

Breakfast with Mickey

I know I know.... these pictures are way past due and I have totally been slacking on the blogging but it has taken so long to get back into the normal daily routine... I have no idea why but nonetheless here is our trip to Florida in several instalments.

Our first day there we had breakfst with Mickey and some of his friends. I have to say that the breakfast was GREAT. It was a buffet and they had things like Mickey Mouse shaped waffles and pretty much any other thing you could imagine at a breakfast buffet. I wish I was more of a breakfast person because I would have eaten a whole lot more! Reagan loved all of it and while Brody was a little reserved when it came to the characters he didnt do nearly as bad as I thought he would.

Our family with Chef Mickey (you would think that with as much as the breakfast cost they could have had a real Mickey to take pictures with...)

Reagan and Pluto

Reagan and Minnie

Donald Duck (Brody is actually running away from Donald in this picture)


Goofy (I think Goofy was Brody's favorite seeing as how he got the closest to Goofy without running away)

Oh and remember those oh-so-cute autograph books I made before we left... well I left them at the condo... at least I remebered the camera.