Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reagans Dream Job

This morning we went to go visit Stephens mom who hasnt been feeling well.... when she asked where Pawpaw (Stephens dad) was I had to explain to her that he was working.

"Where he work?" Reagan asked. I told her that he was painting (he owns a painting company).

After we left Stephens parents house we swung by my dads house since it is just down the road. I had to explain to her that BopBop (my dad) was working too.

"Where he work?" Reagan asked me with almost an annoyed voice like why is everyone working instead of waiting around for me to visit. I told her BopBop was a roofer (he owns a roofing company).

Fast forward to tonight when I was putting Reagan to bed and she says "Where's BopBop?" I told Reagan he was at home and she says "No he's roofing. Thats his job." Then she goes onto tell me that she has a job. When I asked her what it was she said, "Um.... um.... McDonalds."

Hey what can I say the girl has dreams.

I feel the need to interject here that Reagan has never even eaten at McDonalds so I am not sure where that came from.

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