Monday, June 22, 2009

It's official

Brody is now officially walking more than he is crawling. He has been taking steps for a while now but just in the past few days his primary mode of transportation is walking... I am so happy and I am sure his poor little knees will be too... look at the second picture and you will notice his beat up knees. There is no stopping him now... he is determined.


shelley said...

you've been blogging so much and i haven't commented! when i saw the title "it's official" i thought you were going to announce that you're preggos again! hahahaha! did i make you laugh?

i loved your vegas pics. glad you had a good time. and your kiddos are so cute. and i love the father's day pics. your babies are SO TINY when they are born. especially brody.

congrats to brody for the first steps. his poor little knees! but love those chubby legs! :)

The Wright Family said...

So I havent been on your blog in a while so me and Dave enjoyed looking at it tonight! I am so excited that Brody is walking! Its funny cause we think Brody looks more like you and your family and Reagan looks like Stephen. ha ha. They are so cute!