Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm back... and on track (maybe)

I always see people updating their facebook status with "Updating the family blog" or "I am starting a new blog"... hell my mother has even started a blog (who would have ever thought). It always makes me a little sad when I see that because I know I have been such a slacker the past year with ours.... and I really wish i hadn't, but alas, life is getting more and more hectic and I don't forsee that ever stopping, in fact I am sure it will only become crazier as my kids get into more things.

So I have two options:

1) I can tediously try and update you on everything that has happened in the past year : Brody turned 2 Reagan turned 4 (even though they are about to turn 3 and 5 soon) Christmas, vacations, football season etc.... you get the idea. The problem with this is that I fear I will spend the next 3 months trying to catch you up which will only put me more behind... see people, this is why you should keep up with your blogs.

2) Just start fresh... start with whats going on now and if I want to highlight something of the past then so be it (it is my blog right?)

I have to say the second option is sounding good. So here we go... The Wootens World Take 2 (or 556 million... however long it takes, I will eventually get it right... or die trying.)

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shelley said...

cute pic up at the top. and i vote for the second option too. that's what i've been doing lately - when i get a chance and there's something i want to blog about, i do. but there's LOTS of things that haven't been documented as of late. that used to bother me and i felt like i needed to catch up, too. now, for the sake of sanity, i'm letting it go. :)

glad to see you're doing good.

and happy belated birthday. meant to send you an email, but totally forgot. i'll claim pregnancy brain on that one. :)