Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I know, I know... I have ben totally missing in action lately. It has been a CRAZY few weeks and I am still trying to get caught up... not that it will do me any good because the month of December is always busy...even if you already have all your shopping done (which I have since the beginning of October) but nonetheless here is why I have been missing in action:

Getting family pictures taken for our Christmas card (getting Reagan to cooperate with a camera is a challenge in and of itself so trying to get Reagan, 7 month old Brody, Me and Stephen to all look and smile at the same time...well lets just say our photographer did good)

After getting our pictures done, selecting a christmas card and addressing mailing, all that stuff that goes with Christmas cards (they are still in a pile waiting for stamps in my dining room).

Thanksgiving: We had my mom, sister, nephew, brother and all of Stephens family over for Thanksgiving dinner. Thankfully my mom was here to help me and Stephens mom brought over plenty of yummy stuff as well.

Then we turned around on Friday and went to my dads house for Thanksgiving over there...my step-brother Bradley came home from his mission Thanksgiving day so we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with them the next day...it was so fun to see Bradley after 2 years.

Speaking of Bradley...I had been doing a scrapbook of his mission for him and in typical fashion I had to play catch up with it right before he got home so the times I would have spent blogging, I was scrapbooking.

I also had a few scrapbook clients that I had to get caught up on so betwen them and Bradley's album I was spent...

My brother and his wife had a baby boy, November 18th at 1:30 in the morning so I spent quite a bit of time going back and forth to the hospital visiting them.

Planning a New York trip: Stephen and I are going to New York for our 5 year anniversary so we have been planning everything for that...it should be lots of fun, I just need to go shopping for some VERY WARM clothes for the trip. I have been there before at this time of year and it is COLD!!!

I have had a few christmas "Projects" that I have been working on and hopefully will finish before christmas.

WE decorated the house this past weekend. We got a 10ft tree this year and it is really pretty, I will try and post some pictures of it later.

Anyway, you get the idea... I have been busy but we are all healthy and happy so I couldnt think of a better time of year to be thankful for all the things we have been blessed with...especially eachother!!!

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