Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We are still alive... just really behind... Happy Belated Easter!

My good friend, and photographer, Heidi had a special easter session with real bunnies and chicks and since the kids never want to smile for pictures as we are rushing out the door for church on Easter sunday I decided to have this done. So here are a few shots from the session.

I know I have been MIA lately and I do plan to catch you all up on whats been going on but for now... Happy Belated Easter.... here are my cuties in their Easter clothes.

The bunnies just sat in the basket... the didnt jump out or anything... Reagan thought they were pretty neat.

The chicks made me a little nervous. They were so tiny and fragile I kept thinking one of them would either end up stepped on or dead by the end of the session.

Here is Reagan working the camera... dont as me where she gets this stuff from =)

This was the best shot we got of the two of them... Brody is not really into taking pictures with Reagan... maybe thats because she is either meaner than spit to him or so sweet to him that she about hugs his head off... either way seems to annoy him.

Such a hndsome little guys dont you think?

Not so sure about the bunnies....


Olivia Carter said...

Cute pictures!

Your little girl poses like my daughter does too. So cute.

And my kids would have been scared of the bunnies too!

shelley said...

love the working it picture!

we went to a party easter weekend where there were live chicks and i had the same fear. "if these chicks survive this party, it will be a MIRACLE!" i thought.

luckily they did. but i was having a heart attack the whole time rachelle was trying to poke their eyes out, rip their wings off, or other terrible things.

Ryan and Brindi said...

i love that pic of brody by himself in the chair. he is so handsome! cute backdrop and props for the session. heidi went all out it looks like!

Shannon said...

I laughed at loud at the picture of your daughter "working the camera". What a riot.