Thursday, March 10, 2011

Soccer Mom

Well I am officially a "Soccer Mom" minus the mini-van... I will never own a mini-van (there... its written in stone, someone show me this if I ever mention owning a mini-van). I actually hate that term... what does it even mean? Does it mean you have a mini-van and go to soccer all the time, or just any sporting practice all the time, while shuffling around kids and grabbing fast food for dinner because your so busy going from one thing to the next? Does it mean you have all sorts of stuff falling from your car as the doors open up because your car has become your new home ( I have had crap falling out of my car as the doors opened ling before I even had children so maybe thats not accurate).
Anyway, last week Reagan started soccer. It took some convincing once she realized she couldnt wear a tu-tu to play in but I got her a soccer shirt with some bling and pink shin-guards and that seemed to satisfy her. Her team only has 6 kids on it and only 3 play on the field per team at a time. She had fun, which at 4 years old, is all I really expect from this. I think its good to let them try lots of things in the beginning to figure out what they really like.
She turns cartwheels on the field, she celebrates like a crazy woman anytime she kicks it in the goal (which isnt to hard to do since they dont even play with a goalie at this age) and she already thinks she is the best soccer player ever (I would say that mentality come from her daddy) but she is having fun, getting exercise and getting some experience.

I would say that makes being labeled a "soccer-mom" pretty worth it.

Oh and to make it even more exciting (insert sarcastic voice here) I got nominated to be team mom because... well... I stay at home with my kids and dont have real job to go to during the daytime. Yes, that actually came out of Reagans coaches mouth... her coach that happens to be a WOMAN! Seriously? I wanted to take Reagans soccer ball and .... well you get the idea.


Ryan and Brindi said...

she looks good on the field! what a cutie. seriously, where is a good ball to throw when u need one! :)

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