Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Last weekend Stephen surprised me and the kids with a nice weekend getaway to a cabin in Elijay Ga. It was just what our little family needed. We had so much fun!!! We have been so busy lately with football season and different trips we had going on that we decided we need some time for just the 4 of us. No one else to answer to, do whatever we want, whenever, no schedules, no timetables, no one to keep happy but ourselves. It was so peaceful.
Me and Reagan in the hot tub... she liked having her own "little swimming pool"

Brody liked splashing in it.

The first day we went to Burts Pumkin Patch. It's our familt tradition to go there. It was a little cold and muddy so we didnt stay to terribly long but its always fun to see all the huge pumpkins.

Reagan fell in a mud puddle like 15 minutes after we got there and got all muddy. It didnt stop her from picking out some great pumpkins.

I let her paint this white one we got.... she thought it was pretty cool!
We managed to make a decent fire in our fire pit. I think my kids would have just run around outside the entire weekend. I sisnt even take any toys with us and I am glad because they had so much fun just playing in the leaves and with sticks and the fire (yes I let my kids play in the fire... I withdraw my nomination for "Mother of the Year")

The second day we were there we went to the "Apple Festival" that was going on in Ellijay. It was a blast. They had lots of fun stuff for the kids to do including Brody's favorite pony (donkey) rides.

They had two camels there and REagan wanted to ride them instead of the horses. Why anyone in Ellijay GA has camels is beyond me but it was cool yet awkward to see.

Lucky Reagan... they had a bungee thing so of course she had to do that.

Riding the Choo Choo Train

REagan getting her face painted. She thought she was HOT STUFF with a pink butterfly on her face the rest of the day.

Reagan rosting marshmellows in the fire.

We enjoyed our trip so much that Stephen and I are looking into purchasing a cabin up there... we will keep our fingers crossed that something we like comes up.


Angie said...

What a great weekend for your little family! It's so good to just spend time together...just you! Everyone needs that. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

What a fun little trip for just the 4 of you! Once you buy your cabin we'll come up and play with you...oh and i let my kids play with fire too...

Janelle Phipps said...

so cute and what a nice chance to get away and enjoy yourselves. hey send your email to so I can invite you to our blog since we had to go private.